A Shift in Services

October 10th, 2012 by swood Leave a reply »

After fifteen years of serving the University of Oregon as the sole Digital Humanities unit on campus, WHP is being replaced (as of October 2012) by a new and more broadly defined Digital Scholarship Center (DSC) housed in the UO Libraries.  The new DSC will take over services offered to faculty across campus and across the disciplines, not just in the Humanities. We will provide a link here to the new DSC website as soon as it is up and running.  The UO Libraries will also be making announcements soon about the new DSC.

Meanwhile, some of WHP’s more recent projects will be carried forward and reshaped by the new DSC, some of our projects will simply be archived, and some, particularly those relating to research on Mesoamerica, will continue to grow independently of the new DSC. We do not have immediate plans to change the URLs for our Mesoamerican projects. For further information about the latter please contact Stephanie Wood, swood (at) uoregon (dot) edu.


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