Zapotec Dictionary Funding!

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We are delighted to announce that Wired Humanities has been awarded funding for two years to create an open-access Zapotec Dictionary. This support is a part of the Department of Education grant received by Latin American Studies and the Center for Latin@ and Latin American Studies at the University of Oregon. We have taken our winning formula for the Nahuatl Dictionary, cloned it, and modified it, and are now filling it with Zapotec data (to include Zapotec of the Valleys, of the Sierra, and of the Isthmus).  Many thanks to our database technician, Ginny White, and to our new and continuing student staff.

Zeferino Mendoza (photo by Richard Hanson)

We also wish to express our appreciation for the participation of Zeferino Mendoza, a teacher and native speaker of Teotitlan del Valle, for contributing content to this project, and to Michel Oudijk (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) and Gabriela Pérez-Báez (Smithsonian Institution) for their collaboration in expanding our historical and contemporary language samples.


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