Online Collections

  • Mapas Project (Mesoamerican pictorial manuscripts with transcriptions, translations, and image analysis; searchable and comparable across manuscripts) (2008; with ongoing expansion)
  • Early Nahuatl Virtual Library Project (facsimiles of textual Nahuatl-language manuscripts, with transcriptions and translations; under construction)
  • Modern Eastern Huastecan Nahuatl (documentation of vocabulary around specific themes, gathered by the native-speaker collaborators at the Instituto de Docencia e Investigación Etnológica de Zacatecas, IDIEZ, and edited by John Sullivan): tlitl (fire); discrimination against Nahuatl; a sample story

Online Searchable Dictionaries — introductory page

  • Nahuatl Dictionary, Stephanie Wood and John Sullivan, general editors
  • Mixtec Dictionary, Stephanie Wood and Roberto Santos, general editors
  • (Yucatec) Mayan Dictionary, Stephanie Wood and Kaitlan Smith, general editors
  • P’urhépecha Dictionary, Stephanie Wood and Itziri Moreno Villamar, general editors
  • Zapotec Dictionary (in earliest stages, with assistance from Marlen Yadira Salazar Velasco in Oaxaca)

Additional Indigenous Language Materials

  • Glosario Cultural Náwat Pipil y Nicarao: El Güegüense y Mitos en Lengua Materna de los Pipiles de Izalco, by Rafael Lara-Martínez and Rick McCallister, published on line in 2012 (283 pages in PDF)
  • Mangue Chorotega, by Rick McCallister, published on line in 2012 (80+ pages in PDF) (based on Quirós Rodríguez’s compilation with added toponyms, cultural terms, etc.)
  • El Güegüense, by Rick McCallister, published on line in 2012




  • Kaitlan Smith (forthcoming)

Finding Aids

  • Virtual Mesoamerican Archive (a portal site with six searchable, interrelated databases for advancing scholarship and Mesoamerican studies)

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