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Nahuatl Word or Particle Palabra o partícula en náhuatl Tlahtolli zo piltlahtoltzin
ica nahuatl
English Translation Traducción al español Tencaquizcopinaltlahcuilolli ica caztiah
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fábrica. factory; also, a name for a tax (a loanword from Spanish) fábrica
fanega. a Spanish dry measure, the equivalent of a bushel and a half; also used as a measure of land (a loanword from Spanish) a grain measure and a land measure (that portion of grain required for sowing a certain plot of land)
fe. faith (a loanword from Spanish) fe
febrero. February (a loanword from Spanish) febrero
fianza. bail (a loanword from Spanish)
figura. figure (a loanword from Spanish)
filosofía. philosophy (a loanword from Spanish)
firma. signature; often a rubric (a loanword from Spanish) firma
firmaroa. to sign, add a signature (from firmar, a Spanish loanword) firmar algo. nic. Macehualli quitlalia itocah huan itzonquizca ica tlilli zo quipa ica ce imahpil pan ce amatl. “Lupita nochipa tlafirmaroa quemman quinequi ma quimacacan ce tlamantli canahya. ”
firmatia. to sign, to make a signature (based on the Spanish loanword, firma, signature) firmar
firmayotia. sign something, make a rubric on it (from firmar, a Spanish loanword) firma
fiscal. an official who represents the government or a specific branch of the government in legal matters somewhat like a prosecuting attorney; among indigenous people, church steward, the highest of all indigenous church-related officials; also a term used for Spanish officials
Florida. a Spanish colony, La Florida (a loanword from Spanish) Florida
forzados. people forced into exile (a loanword from Spanish) (central Mexico, 1613)
Franciatlaca. people from France (partly a loanword from Spanish) (ca. 1582, Mexico City)
Francisco. Francisco (a saint's name; a given name);a Spanish given name for a male
fray. Fray, a title for a member of a religious brotherhood (a loanword from Spanish) fray; fraile
frazada. a blanket or bed covering (a loanword from Spanish)
freno. reins on a horse (a loanword from Spanish)
frezada. a cloth used to cover a bed (also spelled frazada) (a loanword from Spanish)
frontal. an altar hanging (a loanword from Spanish)
frontalera. ornament for the front of an altar, and the place where ornaments are kept (a loanword from Spanish)
fuera. outside (a loanword from Spanish) fuera; afuera
*** 1 - 23 ***
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