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Nahuatl Word or Particle Palabra o partícula en náhuatl Tlahtolli zo piltlahtoltzin
ica nahuatl
English Translation Traducción al español Tencaquizcopinaltlahcuilolli ica caztiah
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Gabriel. a Spanish given name for a male; a saint's name
gachupín. a Spanish-born Spaniard in the Americas; increasingly, a derogatory term
galgo. greyhound, hunting dog (a loanword from Spanish) galgo
ganado. livestock -- usually ganado mayor and ganado menor, varying by the size of the animals, with sheep and goats, for example, being in the minor group, and can be found in the expression "sitio de ganado mayor" or "sitio de ganado menor," referring to stockraising estates (a loanword from Spanish)
gañán. permanent employee, especially in a rural context (a loanword from Spanish)
gasto. expense(s) (a loanword from Spanish) gasto
general. general (often, part of the title given Hernando Cortés, Capitán General) (a loanword from Spanish) general
gloria. glory (a loanword from Spanish)
gobernador. in this context, the highest officer of an indigenous municipality (a loanword from Spanish) gobernador
gracia. grace (a loanword from Spanish) gracia
gramática. grammar (a loanword from Spanish)
granada. pomegranate (a loanword from Spanish)
Guadalajara. a city of western Mexico (a loanword from Spanish)
Guadalupe. Guadalupe, a name; also, Mary, the Virgin of Guadalupe (a loanword from Spanish) Guadalupe
guardián. In the phrase father guardian, prior of a Franciscan establishment. (a loanword from Spanish) guardián
guillame. a narrow brush used by carpinters (a loanword from Spanish)
guión. standard, for leading the way in a religious procession (a loanword from Spanish)
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