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Nahuatl Word or Particle Palabra o partícula en náhuatl Tlahtolli zo piltlahtoltzin
ica nahuatl
English Translation Traducción al español Tencaquizcopinaltlahcuilolli ica caztiah
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machete. a very large knife, almost sword-like (attested as a loanword from Spanish in a Nahuatl document from 1549)
macho. a male animal, such as a mule (noun); or, masculine (adjective) (a loanword from Spanish) macho. Cahuayoh huan burroh iconeuh. “Tomas quipiya ce machoh huan tlahuel cerreroh; naman axcanah pan tlehco pampa quimahuilia huetziz. ”
madre. mother (a loanword from Spanish) madre
maesescuela. maestrescuela, a school master ; e.g. don Melchor Aríndez of Mexico City (a loanword from Spanish) (central Mexico, 1613) <bibl>see Annals of His Time: Don Domingo de San Antón Muñón Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin, James Lockhart, Susan Schroeder, and Doris Namala, eds. and transl. (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2006), 264–265.<bibl>
maestro. master or teacher, a person with a Master's degree (a loanword from Spanish) maestro
Magdalena. a female personal name
magestad. majesty (a loanword from Spanish) majestad
magnífico. magnificent (a loanword from Spanish) magnífico
maguey. an agave plant (a loanword from Spanish) maguey
maitines. matins; morning prayers in the Catholic church; office (with lauds) constituting the first of the canonical hours, before daybreak (a loanword from Spanish) (central Mexico, late sixteenth century; originally from Sahagún in 1574, a document that Chimalpahin copied)
majestad. majesty (a loanword from Spanish) majestad
Maldonado. a Spanish surname; the name of an important Spanish Fiscal in sixteenth-century New Spain (a loanword from Spanish)
mancebo. a youth (a loanword from Spanish)
mandamiento. an official order, a ruling (a loanword from Spanish) mandamiento
manga. sleeve(s) (a loanword from Spanish) manga
manípulo. a sacred garment, like a stole but shorter (a loanword from Spanish)
manojo. a bundle of grass, twigs, etc. (a loanword from Spanish)
manta. cloth, blanket, cape
manteca. lard (a loanword from Spanish) manteca. Ce tlamantli chiyantli atic tlen quiza pan ichiyauhca ce tlapiyalli zo tecuani quemman quiixcah. “Tlahuel ahhuiac etl quemman quitzoyoniah ica mantecah. ”
mantel. tablecloth, or other large rectangular cloth(?) (a loanword from Spanish) mantel
mantelesto. small tablecloths (see Molina) (partially a loanword from Spanish, manteles, tablecloths) mantelesto. manteles pequeños.
manteo. a long cloak or a mantle (a garment) worn by a priest (a loanword from Spanish)
mantilla. a mantilla (a loanword from Spanish)
manto. a cloak; or, for women, a veil (a loanword from Spanish)
manzana octli. apple liquor (partly a loanword from Spanish, manzana, apple) manzana octli. vino de manzanas.
manzana. apple, apple tree (a loanword from Spanish)
mapa. a map or a pictorial manuscript, a codex, a painting (a loanword from Spanish)
María. Mary, the name; referring often to the mother of Jesus (a loanword from Spanish) María
marqués. marquise; those who bore this title included Hernando Cortés and his son Martín Cortés; the father is the most prevalent of those simply called the "marqués" or the "capitán;" marqués was also a title borne by others, such as the viceroy, don Gastón de Peralta, Marqués de Falces, Conde de San Estéban (a loanword from Spanish) marqués
martes. Tuesday (a loanword from Spanish) martes
martillo. hammer (a loanword from Spanish) martillo
mártir. martyr (a loanword from Spanish)
marzo. March (a loanword from Spanish) marzo
matrimonio. matrimony, marriage (a loanword from Spanish) matrimonio
mayo. May, the month of May (a loanword from Spanish) mayo
mayor. major, greater (often part of a longer term or title) (a loanword from Spanish) mayor
mayordomo. steward; in municipal government, a combined treasurer and projects manager; also, an officer of a cofradía (lay brotherhood) (a loanword from Spanish) mayordomo
médico. doctor (a loanword from Spanish) (early seventeenth century, central New Spain)
medida. measurement (a loanword from Spanish) medida
Medina. a Spanish surname
medio. a half; a half real or tomin; coin; monetary value; also seen as an adjective (a loanword from Spanish) medio
meditación. a meditation, a spiritual exercise (a loanword from Spanish) (central Mexico, late sixteenth century; originally from Sahagún in 1574, a document that Chimalpahin copied)
mejuez. a maguey judge (partly a loanword from Spanish, juez, judge) (Tlaxcala, 1662–1692)
melocoton quahuitl. a peach tree (partly a loanword from Spanish, melocotón, peach; see Molina) melocoton quauitl. arbol melocoton.
melon milpa. a field of melons (partially a loanword from Spanish, melón; see Molina) melon milpa. melonar.
membrillo quahuitl. a membrillo tree (partially a loanword from Spanish;, membrillo, quince; see Molina) membrillo quauitl. membrillo, el arbol.
membrillo. quince (the fruit) (a loanword from Spanish) membrillo
memoria. memorandum [of a testament]; statement; document (a loanword from Spanish) memorándum; nota
Mendieta. a Spanish surname (a loanword from Spanish) Mendieta
Mendoza Moctezuma. the surnames of a cacique family that was active in the distribution (and probably the production) of títulos of the type called Techialoyan; possibly also genealogies and coats of arms
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